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Starting a restaurant, cafe or any food business in Singapore?
Starting a restaurant or food business in Singapore? Don’t do it until you
have read the new book, Secrets of Food Millionaires by Phua Wen Yi. This
is the first book published in Singapore that really goes behind the scenes
of the local F&B industry. The book is very well research and it is written
after interviewing some of the best F&B entrepreneurs in Singapore. Some
of them featured include Mr Ip Yiu Tung, CEO of Crystal Jade Culinary
Concepts who is the winner of the 2009 Rotary-ASME Entrepreneur of the
Year Award.
Within this book lie many secrets for you to uncover, to help you forge your
way toward becoming a food millionaire. Secrets of Food Millionaires is the
first book to feature detailed insider stories of established Singapore-grown
F&B service companies. Learn about the trials and triumphs of seven food
companies that have made their mark in Singapore and elsewhere:
Bakerzin, Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding, Esmirada Group
of Restaurants, Jollibean Foods, Michelangelo’s Group of
Restaurants , Purple Sage, and Waraku Holdings.
Discover how certain founders fought past failures and challenges, to grow
from previous obscurity to eventual success. In addition, Secrets of Food
Millionaires features a bonus chapter on the Singapore food industry, its
growth and trends, and how the government agency, SPRING Singapore,
helps spur the growth and development of F&B businesses in Singapore.
Secrets of Food Millionaires is your insider’s guide on what it takes to be a
food millionaire. The book is available in major bookstores in Singapore
and for online purchase at
Secrets of Food
presents to you 280
pages of solid
SUCCESS Tips from
Singapore’s Food
Entrepreneurs in
Price: $30.00 Only
Size: 170 x 230 mm,
280 pages in full color
Meet and Get Practical Tips from These Founders of Successful F&B
Companies, in Secrets of Food Millionaires! Secrets of Food Millionaires
presents to you 280 pages of solid SUCCESS Tips from Singapore抯 Food
Entrepreneurs in Color!
Here is an extract from the introduction of the book.
It isn’t easy running a business, much less a food business, where the market is competitive and continually
evolving. New food outlets are constantly springing up ... and folding. Yet, Singapore’s food and beverage
(F&B) industry is one hot sector. I can’t count the number of times someone revealed their dream was to start
a café – that seems to be the most in thing in F&B, at least amongst those in their twenties or thirties, even
though Singapore is already swimming with the likes of Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
Due to this huge interest in F&B, this book, Secrets of Food Millionaires, was born. Whatever your interest in
the F&B industry – whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, someone just looking for insights into the
industry, or someone hoping to improve and grow your existing business – this is the book for you. While this
isn’t a manual to starting an F&B business, within
these pages lie many secrets to unlocking the path
for you to become a food millionaire.
I want to be a food millionaire ... But
The first secret I’ll share is the hard truth: Most F&B
start-ups fail. Some may never take off, while a few
may flourish for a short span of time, perhaps even
making a name for themselves, only to suddenly
plunge into the realm of the has-beens. Such has-
beens include those companies that once ran
chains of bubble tea outlets. Bubble tea is an
excellent example of a fad whose bubble went pop.
Although bubble tea outlets remain on the market in
Singapore, they no longer represent major chains,
and bubble tea is regarded as any other regular
drink. Hence, if you don’t want to be a has-been,
you’d best avoid running your business solely on a
fad; alternatively, you can make your quick million
and be ready for an abrupt exit. However, for the
purposes of this book, let’s assume you don’t want
to be any kind of has-been. So now that we’ve
established the F&B industry can be a pit of
quicksand for many, how can you tip the odds in
your favor? One of the best ways to learn is to learn
from others.
In Secrets of Food Millionaires, I’ll first present, in
Part I of this book, feature stories of seven
established F&B companies in Singapore:
Bakerzin, Crystal Jade Culinary Concept
Holdings, Esmirada Group of Restaurants,
Jollibean Foods, Michelangelo’s Group of
Restaurants, Purple Sage, and Waraku Holdings. In choosing the businesses to feature, various criteria
were considered. First, they had to have been started in Singapore; franchises don’t qualify. Some other
criteria included the length of time the companies have been in business, their number of outlets, general
reputation, and food quality. Another major consideration was to present feature stories not only informative
but also interesting. In addition, my goal was to provide a varied perspective. Hence, I didn’t focus solely on
F&B operations with the greatest number of outlets or best food. Due to the size and diversity of the F&B
industry, however, I’ve focused on those businesses with a direct retail/consumer presence, excluding food
and drink manufacturers, among others. Each featured company, with their various concepts, offers different
insights into the world of F&B.
The feature stories were written based on interviews with each company’s respective managing director,
CEO, or founder and information obtained from the companies. No money exchanged hands. These
companies, each of whom has reaped their share of awards and recognition, have shared their experiences
so you can learn from them.
In each feature’s Taste It! section, you can get a “look” and
“taste” of the food. Keep in mind, however, my aim was
not to critique the food, and my tasting experience may
also be very different from yours. While the featured
companies may not be the biggest, each is outstanding in
their own way and has made their mark, thus qualifying
them as food millionaires. Through reading these insider
stories, you can share the experiences and wisdom of
those who have already walked the path. Though the
featured companies differ in their business concepts and
have their individual ways of doing business, all share one
thing in common – a goal of excellence. Be inspired by
how they have triumphed over various trials and
challenges to reach greater heights.
Following the feature stories, I’ve included, in Part II of this
book, three additional chapters to round up your food
millionaire reading experience. First, I’ll guide you
in getting in touch with the food around you, to open your
eyes to observe, to smell and taste all sorts of food, and
engage in self-study to learn about what goes into
making various foods. Next, I’ll help you in deciding what
products you’d like to sell and what sort of F&B business
you may be suited for. Would you like to run a restaurant
or kiosk outlet? Perhaps retail is not for you and you’d like
to go into manufacturing. Or perhaps you think it’s too
difficult to establish your own uniqueconcept and
franchising is your best route to becoming a food
millionaire. On the other hand, if you are already running
an existing food business, you may decide to take it in a
new direction.
Finally, in the last chapter, I’ll give you an overall perspective of the Singapore F&B industry, its growth and
some trends, and also discuss how local F&B businesses can obtain help from third parties such as SPRING
Singapore. As a government agency, SPRING Singapore aims to promote business and industry growth and
competitiveness, to spur innovation, and help various small and medium enterprises (SMEs) further develop
to gain greater business opportunities. This chapter was written based on information provided by SPRING
Singapore and an interview with their Group Director of Industry Development, Mr Chow Tat Kong. I hope
you’ll find the information within helpful in your voyage to developing a successful food millionaire business.
By picking up this book, Secrets of Food Millionaires, you’ve taken your first step toward establishing your
F&B golden goose. Kudos to you. Now, read on, for within each of the feature stories and chapters that follow
are secrets waiting for you to discover.
By Phua Wen Yi
Published by Rank Books, Singapore
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Success In The Food Business by Vincent
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