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This book is written for new mahjong players. Mahjong is an intriguing and enjoyable game to play. The book is specially written for English-speaking individuals who wish to have a comprehensive understanding on how to play mahjong. It comes with full color illustrations so it takes you step by step on how play the game of mahjong.
Amazing Mahjong: Learn to maximise your winning potential and have fun, is the first Mahjong book that offers an in-depth coverage on Singapore mahjong and its comparison to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan mahjong.
Written by a Singaporean, it goes beyond a simple description of the game. You will learn the evolution of mahjong from its origin in China to how it has taken roots in Asia; different winning formations used; how points and bonuses are awarded; rules and penalties; strategies and tactics that work; how body language plays a part in winning; how to avoid swindlers; and the taboos and spooks of mahjong.
The book is specially written for English-speaking individuals who wish to have a comprehensive understanding of the mahjong game. Written with simple, clear and easy-to-follow instructions and accompanied by full-color illustrations and pictures, this is the best guide for all mahjong players anywhere in the world.
This Book Is Ideal For:
- Foreigners who want to play mahjong as a way to integrate into a Chinese community
- Singaporeans who wish to learn about Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan mahjong as a way to integrate with new citizens
- Beginners who wish to shorten the learning curve and reduce the cost of learning
- Current players who wish to uncover mahjong secrets and advance their skills
- Aspiring players who wish to pitch their skills in the Chinese National Mahjong Competition
Why do I write this book?
Although the majority of Chinese, especially in Singapore and Hong Kong, know how to play this game,
a relatively large number of the younger generation as well as the English-speaking adults play with
basic knowledge. Most players, myself included, start with little clue on how points are awarded and how
to use strategies and tactics. This limits our winning potential and hence the enjoyment of this game.
Moreover, there are hardly any book on Mahjong written in English that is readily available in Asia.
English mahjong books were written in as early as 1929 and mainly in the 1980s. These books are
readily available in the United States but only a few have updated information on the Chinese National
Competition. There is hardly anything on Singapore Mahjong.
Hence, here is it, an updated version. This will be the first mahjong book, written by a Singaporean to
introduce Singapore mahjong to the rest of the world. It also draws comparison to Hong Kong, Japan,
Shanghai and Taiwan mahjong. Who is this book meant for? English speaking individuals who want to
learn more about mahjong but have not found a book that covers this topic adequately in the English
language. Foreigners and their accompanying families who are living in a pre dominantly Chinese
environment, such as Singapore. Mahjong is a great way to integrate into a Chinese society.
Singaporeans who want to learn more about Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan mahjong, as a
means to integrate with new citizens. New players who are learning how to play through trial and error
and paying good “school fees”. This book helps to shorten the learning curve and cost of learning.
Current players who are keen to know the secrets of mahjong in relation to strategies and tactics,
comparison of mahjong across places in Asia and a brief introduction to the formations and points used
in the Chinese National Mahjong Competition.
How to use this book?
This book has been organised to help its readers navigate through its contents as easily as possible. The
chapters include a brief background on the origin of mahjong, how to play Singapore mahjong, the different
winning combinations, how points and • • • • •
The content focuses on Mahjong in general and brings out unique features in Singapore and draws
comparison with some countries where applicable. This helps players to enjoy different types of mahjong.
Most of the contents are extracted and translated from a range of Chinese mahjong books. The
illustrations and tables are printed in full colour on quality paper to enhance its aesthetic appeal and its shelf
A glossary on mahjong jargons, both in English and Chinese, are provided for easy reference. A number
of the English translations are my own, bringing them as closely to the Chinese meaning as possible.
This book provides the theory and descriptions of the game. Reading this book without hands on
experience would only be zi shang tan bing (纸上谈兵) or “conducting military exercise on paper”. Hence, it
is important have practical experience.
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