How To Apply An ISBN Number In Singapore And Buy A Book ISBN Barcode How to apply for an ISBN Number in Singapore? How can I buy an ISBN Bar Code for my book? These are two questions that are so commonly asked by writers such that we will give some basic information here. If you wish to self-publish publish a book or an e-book, you need to apply for an ISBN Number from the National Library Board (NLB). Application is free-of-charge. As a self-published author, you are also named as the Publisher. Hence, you need to apply the ISBN as a Publisher. Steps To Applying An ISBN Number in Singapore. 1) Go to: 2) Click on “Register” on the top right hand corner. 3) As you have never applied before, you need to register a new cccount. Follow the online procedures to apply for an account with NLB so that you can apply for an ISBN number. 4) Choose “Self Publisher” in the Category option if you are publishing as an indivdual author or as your company name. 5) Once your application is approved, you will receive a Login ID and Password. You need this ID and Password to apply for the ISBN Number of your book. Login to the same site using this ID and Password and you can start applying the ISBN Number online. It takes two days for NLB to issue you a ISBN Number. What is an ISBN? Every book has a unique 13-digit ISBN number. The purpose is to enable publishers, book suppliers and libraries worldwide to locate and order items. It is a product code that facilitates tracking and ordering.  What publications require an ISBN? If you are producing any of the following publications, you will need an ISBN number. -Printed books -Pamphlet (8 pages of more) -Microform publications like microfilms -Braille publications -Mixed media publications -Other similar media, including educational films/videos and transparencies -Books on cassettes (audio-books or talking books) -Microcomputer software -Electronic publications either on physical carriers (such as machine-readable tapes, diskettes, or -CD-ROMs) or on the Internet -Maps if they are to be marketed If you have an ISBN number already issued for your previous publication, you may need a new ISBN number under the following conditions: - A new edition of a publication. - An existing publication published in a new format, for e.g., a book title re-issued in a CD-ROM format. The following types of publications do not need a ISBN number: - Ephemeral printed materials such as diaries, calendars, advertising matter and the like - Art prints and art folders without title page and text - Sound recordings (excluding audio-books or talking books) - Serial publications, i.e., publications that are published at regular intervals (magazines, newspapers and annual reports). These publications are to be assigned an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). Who Can Apply for An ISBN? An individual author, publisher or a company can apply for an ISBN. The National Library Board is the ISBN Agency in Singapore and will issue ISBNs, upon request, if you are publishing a book, book-related product or a pamphlet of 8 pages or more in Singapore. Where should the ISBN be printed? -For most books, the ISBN number will be printed at the copyright page. This refers to the back of the title page that contains information about the name and address of the publisher, copyright owners etc. -It can also be printed on:  -the back of the cover in nine-point type or larger -the back of the dust-jacket, and on the back of any other protective case or wrapper Check out the full FAQ on ISBN and the Legal Deposit Department here: What Kind of Bar Code Do I Need? For Singapore context, you just need the EAN 13-digit barcode. See example below. For authors in United States, UK and Canada In the United States, the EAN bar code displays a set of two bar codes side by side. The first bar code on the left is the EAN derived from the ISBN. The bar code of the right, which is smaller, is a 5-digit add-on which often encodes the retail price of the publication. This is referred to as an EAN-5. The first digit of the add-on data indicates which currency the price is expressed in -- so for US dollars, the designated digit is a 5. So an add-on of 51595 indicates a price of US$ 15.95. If you do not want to include the pricing information, then use the default value for the add-on as  90000 -- this will have no pricing info on the bar code.
How Do I Get A Bar Code For My ISBN Number? You will need a software to generate the barcode and it can cost you about US$70 onwards. If you only need one barcode for just one or two books, there is no point to buy the software, you just get one here for S$15.00.  Type in your ISBN Number and Click the Paypal button to purchase an EAN 13-digit Bar Code.  You will receive the bar code via email in tiff format (.tif) in high resolution to be placed in your backcover. For example, 9810566530 If you want the ISBN Bar Code with the 5-digits price, type the ISBN Number followed by the currency and the price like this: 9810812344US19.95 or 9810812344UK19.95. Upon receiving your order, we will email the bar code to you within 24 hours. Contact us at if you do not receive the barcode image.
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